Becoming The Hero In Your Creative Journey

Becoming the Hero in your Creative Journey

Embark on a Creative Journey

“Creativity is Inventing Experimenting, Growing, Taking Risks, Breaking Rules, Making Mistakes, and Having Fun.”


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Creativity is the spark of new beginnings. It fuels the act of creation, and delivers something unique into the world, and bringing something new into existence is no small task.

Every Artwork has a story. A story of its inception as an idea: the development of that idea into a form: characters who helped you along the way: problems that arose: moments when you thought you may give up: and a light at the end the journey that helped you through to the end.

In every creative journey, implementation and execution are milestones on your path, and learning to navigate your way through the twists and turns of this process will make the road easier and help bring you further along your artistic goals.

One key step in staying on course is being aware that plot twists are what makes a story engaging. Therefore, Becoming the Hero in Your Creative Journey, involves embracing your creative adventure.

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Who is the Course Intended For?


Although this course is geared toward my speciality in the visual arts, it can also be applicable to all creative fields. Whether literature, song writing, performance art, or graphic design, problem solving your way through the creative journey is a universal endeavour.

The pressure to create can be great, and sometimes we just need a push to see our projects through. Your project could involve writing a project proposal or grant proposal for funding. It may include changing themes or mediums and moving out of your creative comfort zone. Or, it can simply mean meeting a deadline on a creative task and feeling stuck.

Regardless of where you are in your project, this course is designed to keep you motivated to see your goals to the end, and continue into the future.

What are the Goals of this Course?


The goal of this course is to break down the steps of your creative journey to help you take on creative challenges one step at a time. You will understand your own motivations and drives and find tips for activating your creative thinking. During your creative journey I aim to keep you inspired to see your work through to the end by transforming creative blocks into valuable tools for growth.

This Course will help you Unblock your Creative Process and Conquer your Artistic Goals

This course will guide you through your creative journey from beginning to end. From your identity and motivation, you will develop your artist statement, define your goals and criteria for success, research and develop your concept, perfect your technique, sustain your motivation, and learn to get over any creative blocks and doubts that get in your way.

Topics Include:

  • Fundamentals of Narrative Structure as it Relates to Film and Art.
  • How to Start and Finish Creative Projects.
  • Formulating your Artist Statement.
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt.
  • Conquering Creative Blocks.
  • Demystify the Creative Process.
  • Work Presentation.
  • Knowing when your work is Complete.

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About the Author

Born in Chicago, I received my B.A. in Studio Arts with a concentration in Photography from Oberlin College. In 2001, I moved to Amman, Jordan where I worked both as a contemporary artist and as a photojournalist. I exhibited my photography in numerous exhibitions throughout the Middle East and internationally.Eventually, I became the lead photographer for a Jordanian Lifestyle Magazine and Photo Editor for two regional publications: a Fashion Magazine and a Men’s Magazine. This allowed me to gain a second editorial eye for photography, as I regularly organized, commissioned, and published photoshoots from other talented photographers in the region.While in Jordan, I also began teaching courses and workshops on Drawing, Seeing with Perspective, and Photography. I consider my teaching style to be somewhat radical but very effective and have received much positive feedback from my students through the years, who in turn became professional artists themselves.In 2007, I moved to Berlin, Germany where I am currently based, and while I continue to expand my own fine art photography and contemporary art practices, I gain special joy and satisfaction from sharing my experiences and knowledge with my students.

To see more of my personal artwork click here.

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