Next Level Photography


Transform your Photography into Inspiring Works of Art



Transform your Photography into Inspiring Works of Art

This course is designed to help aspiring artists with a background in photography develop their themes, style, and understanding of Photography as a contemporary Artistic Medium. In this course, we will look at Contemporary Photographic masters to discover what approaches can be used to transform your images into meaningful works of art. We will also cover explore techniques such as creating narratives through a photographic series, staging a photographic scene, planning a photoshoot, and filtering out your images to find the successful works that support your style and theme.

This Course Includes:

  • Decoding Visual Language
  • Reading Photographs for Content and Meaning
  • Creating your own Photographic Style through Personal Aesthetics and Mood
  • Developing themes in your Work
  • Exploring the differences between Candid Photography vs. Staged Photographs
  • Visualizing and Planning a Photo Shoot
  • Filtering your finalized Images
  • Creating a Narratives through a Series of Images
  • Deconstructing Photography through Alternative Processes and Composite Images
  • In-depth portfolio reviews of classic and contemporary masters in Conceptual Photography