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This course will guide you throughout your creative journey. You will develop your artist statement, define your goals and concept, perfect your technique, sustain your motivation, and learn to get over any creative blocks that get in your way.

Transform your Photography into Inspiring Works of Art

This course is designed to help aspiring artists develop their themes, style, and understanding of Photography as a contemporary Artistic Medium. In this course, we explore what approaches can be used to transform your images into meaningful works of art.pibus leo.

This is a course for Light Stalkers everywhere! It is designed to help you See, Capture, and Enhance the Light in your Scene. You will learn why, when, and where the optimal lighting can be obtained and you will have the techniques to do so with or without a light meter!

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Collaboration for
Artistic Endeavors

  • Artist Statement Review

    • An artist’s statement reflects not only your work but your voice. I will help you formulate your: Goals and Drives, Inspirations, Themes and Methods
  • Project Review

    • I will help you submit your best Proposal or Application for the following: Artist Residencies, Grant Funding, Exhibition Opportunities, Open Calls.
  • One on One Consultation

    • Contact me to Schedule a Personalized Session for Portfolio Assessment, Project Development, Exhibition Preparation, Artistic Tutorial
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About the Author

Born in Chicago, I received my B.A. in Studio Arts with a concentration in Photography from Oberlin College. In 2001, I moved to Amman, Jordan where I worked both as a contemporary artist and as a photojournalist. I exhibited my photography in numerous exhibitions throughout the Middle East and internationally.

Eventually, I became the lead photographer for a Jordanian Lifestyle Magazine and Photo Editor for two regional publications: a Fashion Magazine and a Men’s Magazine. This allowed me to gain a second editorial eye for photography, as I regularly organized, commissioned, and published photoshoots from other talented photographers in the region.

While in Jordan, I also began teaching courses and workshops on Drawing, Seeing with Perspective, and Photography. I consider my teaching style to be somewhat radical but very effective and have received much positive feedback from my students through the years, who in turn became professional artists themselves.

In 2007, I moved to Berlin, Germany where I am currently based, and while I continue to expand my own fine art photography and contemporary art practices, I gain special joy and satisfaction from sharing my experiences and knowledge with my students.

To see more of my personal artwork click here.

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