Creative Consultation for Artistic Endeavors

In my lifetime and throughout my career, I have benefited immensely from the guidance and mentorship of teachers and professionals along my path. Having the opportunity to assess your progress from a person with experience and a fresh perspective can unlock some doors to some of those most hidden and stubborn creative sources inside.

Working with a coach can help you formulate your aims, themes, techniques, and inspirations to help direct your energies in the most beneficial way for any creative project you are working on.

I don’t believe in Critique in the “critical” sense, but I DO believe in continuously striving towards improvement and growth regardless of where you are on your professional journey.

Services offered include Reviews and Coaching in the following areas:

  • Artist Grant, Residency, and Funding Proposals
  • Artist Statement, Theme, Target Audience Development
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Project Development
  • Exhibition Preparation
  • One-on-One Training and Tutorial

My prices are as follows:

  • Project Review per Email = 30 Euro/hour
  • 1 Hour Skype Session = 90 Euro
  • Project Package with 4 Skype Sessions = 300 Euro (SAVE 60 Euro!)
  • 1 Hour Face-to-Face Session (Berlin, Germany) = 200 Euro
  • For Intensive or Long-Term Coaching, or for Face-to-Face Consultation outside of Berlin, please contact for an individualized quote.

All prices include applicable taxes and fees.