Creative Consultation for Artistic Endeavors

In my lifetime and throughout my career, I have benefited immensely from the guidance and mentorship of teachers and professionals along my path. Having the opportunity to assess your progress from a person with experience and a fresh perspective can unlock some doors to some of those most hidden and stubborn creative sources inside.

I don’t believe in Critique in the “critical” sense, but I DO believe in continuously striving toward improvement and growth regardless of where you are on your professional journey. I take a non-judgemental approach, knowing that each person has something tremendous to offer to the world. Together we will examine your works as objectively as possible to help bring your practice to fruition.

Creative Consultation can help you formulate your aims, themes, techniques, and inspirations to help direct your energies in the most beneficial way for any creative project you are working on. Having someone who understands the creative process and its frustrations can be key in unlocking your potential and providing extra confidence in your artistic process.

Through One on One Creative Consultation, I will help unlock your areas of frustration and explore areas of potential growth. If you are working on a specific project, I will review the work, both big picture and supporting details. With the proper guidance, it is my aim to help you create wonderful things.

Creativity and Creative Consultation
creative coaching and creative consultation

What is included in Creative Consultation? 

Creative Consultation sessions are catered to each individual need. However, most sessions will dive into the following points:

Exploration of Motivation
Identification of Mental Blocks
Theme Development
Critical Feedback on works in Progress Exhibition Coordination
Exploration of further Areas of Growth

Additional Creativity Resources

Online Course: If one on one is not your style, you can try out our course Becoming the Hero of  your Creative Journey to help move you along on your artistic practice.
Articles: For inspiration on Growing as an Artist and Unblocking Creative Ruts check out these articles below.

How to Grow as an Artist
How to Get out of a Creative Rut

Creative Consulation

For Individualized Consultation and Please Book Below.

During Check-Out, you may upload your Artist Statement Text or Application/Project files and/or any additional necessary information.

Artist Statement Review

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An artist’s statement reflects not only your work but your voice. For a clear and effective Artist Statement Revamp, I will help you formulate your:

Goals and Drives


Themes and Methods

€ 45.00

Application Review

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I will help you submit your best Proposal or Application for the following:

Artist Residencies

Grant Funding

Exhibition Opportunities

Open Calls

€ 75.00

Online Consultation


Schedule a Personal 1 on 1 Session for assistance in the following areas:

Portfolio Assessment

Project Development

Exhibition Preparation

Artistic Tutorial

€ 120.00​

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